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Chris Dulban, a resident of Isle of Palms, SC. received his Bachelor of Arts degree from the College of Charleston.  He has lived in Mt. Pleasant, SC Minneapolis, MN, Miami, FL, Lakeland, FL, Tampa, FL, Charleston, SC, Montgomery, AL, and Mexico City, Mexico which has shown him that every part of the world has its own unique beauty.
Chris has been an avid photographer since childhood and pursued his passion as time and life permitted and now enjoys the creativity and incredible quality facilitated by the digital SLR camera.  He views photography as art.  As an avid outdoor enthusiast, he tries to bring that enthusiasm to you through his original fine art photography.  He is now one of Charleston's most premier nature photographers capturing the soul and essence of the area and the uniqueness of simple beauty that escapes the untrained eye.  His work is currently displayed in various galleries in the Charleston area as well as several restaurants. 
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